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Silent Disco

Saturday, November 17, 2012 What's better than a huge dance party? TWO HUGE DANCE PARTIES IN ONE PLACE!! Get a set of headphones at the door, and welcome yourself to the most private of parties...one only you and the other guests can hear!! Put on your headset and choose between 2 music sets spun by DJ Scratchatory and DJ Oran. Drinks and dancing from ... More

Lady Rats fall to Portland, Highlight Newcomers in B-side against Boston Women’s

At Moakley Park last weekend, Charles River fell to Portland, tipping the Lady Rats’ record to 1-2 in their new division.  A strong and organized Portland pack gave River trouble up front, and an impressive performance from Portland’s fullback challenged River persistently with open field bursts.  The usually supportive Charles River had trouble ... More