Jerry Kenneally

Jerry Kenneally

Men's Team Social Secretary
His name is Jerry Kenneally, but the ladies call him handsome, and he is the ...
Corey Lang

Corey Lang

Team Captain | Inside Center

Zack Cox


John "Skeletor" Faherty

Fly-Half | Wing

Rem Stone

Outside Center | Fly-Half

Sean Rothwell

Outside Center | Fly-Half
Dana Etherington

Dana Etherington

Scrum-Half | Wing | Outside Center
   Billerica, MA    2011    11   UNH  

Justin Trible

Inside Center, Lock
Up River

Devin Doherty



Brandon Bennett

Brandon Bennett


Charles Nastasi

Lock, Flanker, 8 Man
Sport has the power to change the world...It has the power to inspire.
Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner

Men's President
Chris didn't start playing rugby until after college, but he quickly found a ...

Dan Lewis

Team Vice Captain | Prop | Hooker

Dave McVey

Lock | Prop

Ellis Patrick

Lock | Flank | 8-man
You get out what you put in, both on and off the field.

Grant McAuslan

Flanker | 8-Man
I'm not saying he's unlucky, but if he fell into a barrel full of tits he'd come out sucking his own thumb.

Ian Willse

Lock | Flanker
Jake Mehlman

Jake Mehlman

   North Andover, MA    2015    5   University of ...

Jeff Garner

Lock | 8-Man
It's all good.

Jesse Shipley

Lock | Prop

John Gill

Flanker | Hooker
When in doubt, run the ball out.

Justin Stoll

Hooker | Flanker

Karim El-Sayed

Prop | Inside Center
If you're getting better, you aren't any good.

Mark Cassidy

Flanker | Wing
Hit em and stick em
Mike Mitton

Michael Mitton

Mittons are just gloves without finger sleeves.

Mitch Sopp

Prop | Hooker

Shaine Bonin

Flanker | Wing
Tom Conley

Tom Conley